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Philadelphia, PA
Your Brain Has Been 3D Printed

By TJ McCueFriday, November 21, 2014
3D Printing

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Well, maybe not your brain, but a brain. In all its glorious intricacy, the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia created an exhibit with a 3D printed brain. When the family visited the Institute during a 3DRV stop, it was a must-see museum. It ranks as another of those museums committed to STEM/STEAM in a big, big way to help our children learn more about science, math, technology, and art (yes, I know I didn’t capture all the acronym letters).

You can visit the exhibit online here. has a terrific article that I read before the visit: The Franklin Institute 3D Prints Incredibly Complicated White Matter Brain Model for New Exhibit. In that post, Heidi Milkert writes:

The youth of today, will become the researchers of tomorrow… how do we get young people interested in such a field? Make it interesting to them, and provide them with the proper learning tools. This is just what The Franklin Institute is doing with their newest exhibit called ‘Your Brain‘.

The exhibit was headed by Dr. Jayatri Das, Chief Bioscientist at The Franklin Institute, who explained the reasoning for the creation of this interactive, educational gallery of sorts, as well as one particular centerpiece of the exhibit.

“Our philosophy behind our exhibits is to make real science approachable through hands-on, engaging exhibits,” said Dr. Das. “…The 2D images we had seen were really beautiful, so we thought that a large-scale 3D print would be perfect as an intriguing, eye-catching sculpture that would serve as both a unique design focus and a connection to research.”

And if you are just a little bit curious about the entire 3D printing process, Weill Cornell Medical College explains it in some detail here: Weill Cornell Brain Image Printed in 3-D for Franklin Institute Exhibit.

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