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Tampa, FL
Joe Evans Techno-Archaelogist

By TJ McCueFriday, November 21, 2014

Great job title. Indiana Jones would be quite happy with it, I think.

Joe Evans and I follow each other on Twitter. I didn’t realize he was a University of South Florida research associate, working with Lori Collins, when we first connected. I saw a tweet that said he was hacking the Autodesk app 123D Catch with Google Glass and I had to find out more.

He is still in the midst of tweaking, coding, hacking, but he’s close. I think the challenge is more on the Google Glass side than with anything else, given its in-development status as a wearable. Joe shared just a bit on email:

“I'm trying to look at (and create) what the future of reality capture will be. If wearables, such as Google Glass and watches, are the next technology horizon, how can they be leveraged to meet current needs of the industry? More so how can they be used to create new solutions once thought impossible or impractical?

“To these ends I'm combining the best in reality capture technology---Autodesk--with my everyday/all the time wearable, Google Glass.”

Here’s a video to share more details.

As you saw in a recent post, we spent some time with Joe at USF and learned a ton. The future of archaeology is in safe hands if Joe is the type of person entering the field.

Follow his blog here and on Twitter.

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