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Why “REAL 2015” Is An Event You Don’t Want To Miss

By TJ McCueFriday, November 21, 2014
Reality Computing

Reality computing is a big new term. It reflects a lot of the work you hear about with the Google Tango phone, Amazon’s 3D phone, or a host of other smartphones that let us capture the world around us, in real time. I’m pretty excited to learn about and report on the REAL 2015 event happening in San Francisco early next year (Feb 25 & 26), dedicated to this up and coming space.

Sure, Autodesk is putting it on, as you might expect, but the range of speakers and other companies that are participating or attending, -- well, it could become a giant event for those interested in virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D design, and how reality computing is changing industries like construction (see my post about Gilbane that profiles a bit of the “what if” that John Myers shares: The Future Of Building With Gilbane Building Company.

By the way, all of these industry changes and trends, including the new terms like Reality Computing, that you may think are far off in the future, they are not. They are here. I’ll give you one example based on a synthesis of many events across the USA over the last seven months for 3DRV – when I ask people if 3D printing is new, most raise their hands to say yes. The fact that it started in 1986 (official patent by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems) and that it is in solid use, deep in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, dental, medical, the military, and many others is just proof that we often think the early days are right next to us. 3D printing is almost 30 years old! I would not call that new.

Back to the point at hand, you will want to take a close look at REAL 2015 as a must-do event in 2015. It happens early in the year for a reason – it gives you time to wrap your head around it and do something with it next year. The tagline catches the energy and the opportunity: Where the sensors meet the makers. Think about that for a bit.

Some resources:

Here is part seven from the Reality Computing blog that you might enjoy reading to get a sense for what’s happening, at the speed of light, in real time, of course.

The REAL 2015 video showcasing just a bit about the event.

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