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Yellowstone National Park, WY
Restoring Vintage Vehicles With ReCap

By TJ McCueFriday, November 21, 2014
Reality Computing

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When we were at Arches National Park with Shaan Hurley a few weeks ago, presenting the 3D Prints that he made of Delicate Arch, Shaan reminded me of the value of Autodesk ReCap for restoration. We had been talking a lot about preservation of natural heritage sites, landmarks and so forth, when we somehow started talking about old, vintage cars.

I think we landed on the subject while asking Shaan about all the amazing assignments he has had, over the years, for Autodesk. One of the people he said he admired most was Jay Leno and the well-known late night talk show hosts kind demeanor. That led to us talking about Jay Leno’s Garage where he has a lot of 3D technology – from laser scanners to 3D printers.

Due to Mr. Leno’s extensive car collection, and his passion for keeping them in top shape, he has adopted 3D tech to replace parts that he cannot get or find on the open market. He scans parts he cannot buy, models them, then prints them out or has them printed out on high end metal printers (my guess, based on older vehicles, but Shaan didn’t specify in our conversation).

It then had me thinking back to our visit to Yellowstone National Park in Montana and Wyoming. We rode around on a wildlife tour, in these vintage “yellow buses” and the guide explained that many of the parts were almost impossible to replace today. So, I took a ton of photos of the exterior to stitch together in ReCap. There was a door handle, on the interior part of the door, that I thought I could capture and model, but it was a bit too shiny. The guide implied that the door handle was a common item to have break during the trips. 

I had meant to tell the guide to have his lead mechanic look into what 3D printing could do for his fleet of yellow buses, but we got back late and other guests were talking to him. But maybe, just maybe, the Yellowstone folks will one day watch Jay Leno’s Garage on NBC and a lightbulb will go off. More likely, Shaan will read my post and book a flight to Yellowstone.

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