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Los Angeles, CA
Conversation w AR/VR/3D Expert Patrick Eleazar

By TJ McCueFriday, November 21, 2014
3D Design

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I have been talking with Patrick Eleazar, founder of Realidyne, about 3D, augmented reality, virtual reality, and the content that supports those technologies for well over a year. He has become my go-to resource when I’m wondering about what’s happening in a particular niche of those industries. He has his finger on the pulse and can send me an article, whitepaper, or website without missing a beat. After my visit to the Ford FIVE lab with Elizabeth Baron, I referred her to Patrick.

So when we had the chance to meetup officially with the 3DRV, I was super-thrilled to get time with him. He is also an accomplished photographer and quickly took a handful of great, compelling shots of the 3DRV and yours truly.

His small and growing Realidyne team works with a variety of 3D software and he was telling me about a project where he created the 3D model and one of his staff animated with Autodesk Maya. In fact, they work on augmented reality solutions, video production, and 3D design and animation, to name just a few of their skills.

We talked about how Google Tango (the 3D phone/tablet) and its sensors that make it such a game-changer. He reminded me to look at Google Cardboard again, as a reality computing “device” for the masses. If you haven’t seen Google Cardboard – it has been called the Oculus Rift for the everyday man or woman. It is a cardboard holder for your smartphone so that once you place your smartphone in it (with the right app loaded, of course), you can have your own set, however rudimentary, virtual reality goggles.

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