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3D Printing Hitting Mainstream: UPS, Staples, Microsoft, Home Depot

By TJ McCueFriday, November 21, 2014
3D Printing

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Dremel makes one of the coolest tools on the planet (the company name is synonymous with the rotary tool itself) and when they decided to introduce their own 3D printer – they launched where you might expect: Home Depot.

Microsoft Stores sell MakerBots, as do Home Depot, Amazon, and at their own MakerBot stores.

That mainstream retailers are jumping on the 3D printing bandwagon doesn’t dispel or promote the growth in 3D, but it is interesting to watch. I wrote about this at Forbes in mid-2013 for the Microsoft Stores carrying and demonstrating the MakerBot. It also tells us something about consumers showing interest because you know that these retailers don’t place product without some level of research. I’d like to see that research.

The UPS Stores don’t sell 3D printers, but a growing number of them have Stratasys uPrint machines that you can go in and use, for a fee, of course. I saw this banner this morning when I went into a UPS store to print a large color document. I wasn’t surprised because I have known that UPS is piloting 3D printers in a growing number of their stores. I think it is a smart idea.

I’m wondering when FedEx will jump in or have they lost the Kinkos mentality.

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