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Los Angeles, CA
What Kind Of Maker Are You?

By TJ McCueThursday, November 20, 2014

This poster from the Atlanta Maker Faire does not capture everything in the maker movement, but it sure captures quite a bit. What kind of maker are you?

  • Are you an Artisan?
  • Are you a Hacker?
  • Are you a Craftsman?
  • Are you a Tinkerer?

Or, perhaps you are a combination of all of those, or none? I think one of the beauties of “makerdom” is that you can define your own box and it might be round or triangular. There is no right answer, of course, and therein lies the power of the maker movement. We each continue to help define it, to shape it, and to reinvent what it means to use our hands. No one owns that term or idea.

Years ago, I read a short post that cited Mister Jalopy who had written a Maker’s Bill of Rights, which declared: “if you can’t open it, you don’t own it.” The idea was and is that if you buy a product and you cannot open it to repair it, then you do not own that object or item. It owns you, or more specifically, the company that created it owns you.

I think that the essence of the maker movement is a combination of rebellion and renaissance. Invention and reinvention. Trial and error. And that’s why the above categories could never cover the range of makers out there. Any list is just a box, incomplete and square.

But I do like all four of these: artisan, hacker, craftsman, tinkerer.

What would you put on such a list?

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