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Oak Ridge, TN
3D Printed Car In 47 Hours - History In The Making

By TJ McCueThursday, November 20, 2014
3D Printing

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Local Motors is a new kind of automotive manufacturer. Their site states that they bring hardware innovations to market at an unprecedented speed by combining co-creation and micro-manufacturing. They also partnered with Oak Ridge National Lab (aka ORNL; my last post on them for today, I promise) to figure out a way to speed up 3D printing.

ORNL took on the challenge, in a big way, and in seven months created a massive 3D printer with the help of Cincinnati Incorporated, which I also wrote about on Forbes. I’ll tell you more about all of this tomorrow because I promised I would only do one more on ORNL today…

The result is the Strati, that made the news a couple of months ago, as the first crowdsourced, open source, 3D printed car. It is pretty elegant and fairly tough as it is made of a carbon-fiber/ABS composite.

You can read about it here, check out my tweet, and watch it below:

In our visit to ORNL, we were able to see the first test prints of the car (shown in the photos) as well as to see some of the fun chairs that the team made when they got done with printing the Strati and had some time and ABS on their hands.

If you are a manufacturer trying to sort out how 3D could change your work, you have to study what Oak Ridge is doing and can do for your company. 

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