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Dallas , TX
GeekBeat TV Visit – 3D Technology On Steroids

By TJ McCueFriday, November 7, 2014
3D Design, 3D Printing, Laser Scanning, Reality Computing

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You can’t walk into the GeekHouse without an immediate surge in energy, in enthusiasm, and in bandwidth. It may be possible that John Pozadzides (aka “John P”), Cali Lewis and the extraordinary team exude internet bandwidth, for one. As the roadtrip has craved high speed connections all around the USA, our appetite was more than satisfied at the GeekHouse visit in Dallas. One Gigabit worth.

We were welcomed into the GeekHouse by John P and received a wonderful tour, chockfull of interesting, funny stories and crazy ideas. My son and John spent a fair amount of time trying to decide what to name a special “art installation” that John is working on. I won’t say anything more so as not to spoil the surprise for any readers who happen to visit GeekHouse and see this special exhibit in action. But it is brilliant, and after you recover from the shock, you will find it funny, too.

The Autodesk Reality Computing team went in a day ahead of us to laser scan the entire facility. The Stratasys guys were there, too, as were the DotProduct, 3D Robotics, FARO, and a host of other great technology folks. I’m working on uploading the nearly one gigabyte video that Mitko Vidanovski, reality computing expert and modeler, who produced the final 3D model of GeekHouse that you may have seen during the livestream interviews. Awesome work. Thanks Mitko!!

The purpose of the Autodesk #3DRV visit was to talk 3D, in all its forms, to explore what people are doing and John and Cali got into what we know to be a hot space. If you haven’t seen the stream and some of their 3D coverage, then you’ll want to visit GeekBeat TV soon. During our meetup, I’m estimating that one hundred people came out to say hi and to do, as we do at every meetup, to learn about the latest and greatest in 3D design, 3D laser scanning (FARO and DotProduct), and 3D printing, of course – Stratasys wowed the crowd with the uPrint and the many cool samples, including a printout of John and Cali from a 3D scan done the day before. All good stuff.

Right in the middle of the main work area is a replica of Han Solo in Carbon Freeze mode. And the little bit of graffiti – “The Fett Was Here” as a tiny Easter Egg for those who like to study closely. I wonder when John and Cali will find my addition: “3DRV Is Still Here.”

Sidenote: Photo of Mitko in action is from Houston Meetup (which you can read about here), but it is pretty much how you see Mitko at all events! Head down, making great 3D models for the team. 

Video to come later this weekend. 

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