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Lake Mary, FL
James Alday: Fusion 360 Modeler

By TJ McCueFriday, October 24, 2014
3D Design, Consumer

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Orlando is loaded with creative people. Maybe we can thank Walt Disney for putting creativity in the Orlando air. Nearly everywhere we visited in Florida, we came in contact with people for whom 3D is comfortable, familiar, not the future but very much the present moment. James Alday represents that vibe.

James introduced himself to me at the FARO event and then joined me for the Orlando Meetup we did with Shapeways. He is that tech-minded, design-aware type of entrepreneur who says yes to a challenge. A friend who owns a business, Aztec Scenic Designs, which does this elegant decorative art and custom finish work, asked him if he could help design something in 3D, so James said yes. It didn’t matter that his design skills were rusty; he went online and figured it out. At the heart of his discovery, he found Fusion 360 and other Autodesk tools.

This type of unplanned conversation happens to me on the 3DRV journey all the time. I think I’m going to help spread the word about great 3D tools from my sponsors and the 3D enthusiasts all across the country flip that on its head and educate me, daily. Some might even say I get schooled. :-)

Check out some of James’ creations in the photos here. Pretty impressive work. He models most of this in Fusion 360 and then they 3D print them in many pieces, fuse them together, paint them, and hang them on ceilings. His 3D printed vase also made it into an Autodesk post and gallery.

He posts most of his work to Instagram under his handle: Immersedn3Dd and on Twitter. The tilework photos are courtesy of his image stream of the work he does for Aztec Scenic Designs. Oh, and you should check out his newest (free to download) Halloween creation -- a shredded skull.

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