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Atlanta, GA
Beautiful Ocean Creatures In Detailed 3D

By TJ McCueFriday, October 24, 2014
Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry

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You would not think that an inland city like Atlanta would be home to one of the greatest aquariums in the world, but it is and it is wonderful. The Georgia Aquarium is amazing for a number of reasons, including one of the largest saltwater tanks at 6,000,000 gallons.

What is most profound, however, in my opinion, is their Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies exhibit. I’m not fond of the name, as I don’t consider any of these creatures “monsters” and I think it plays on existing fears that people have of the ocean. I’m a fan of less fear, more confidence! But if you have seen the “Bodies” exhibit where full-size models of humans were re-created, muscle by muscle, tendon by tendon, then you get the idea.

This was not an “official” 3DRV stop, but we went for the educational aspect and because reality computing expert, Dominique Pouliquen, enthusiastically informed us it is a must-see in Atlanta. I reached out to the aquarium to see about how to go about laser scanning and photo scanning the exhibit creatures, but no word yet. So, these photos are of real models created from, we were told, fish markets in Asia as well as fish and animals that washed up on the beach (presumably dead). We could create some terrific scans of these, at the same detail level, and 3D print them to make them available to handle, to touch, to experience even more fully. I took a number of the Grouper to later try and upload to Autodesk ReCap or 123D Catch.

Look at this Silky Shark -- with babies. Okay, just in case there are comments -- I don't know how this wonderful creature met its end, but the science result is the part I'm highlighting. Fascinating how they are stacked upon one another in the shark womb.

Here is the Georgia Aquarium exhibit link.

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