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New York, NY
Defining The New Age Of Eyewear With Adam Mugavero

By TJ McCueSaturday, October 18, 2014
3D Design, Digital Prototyping

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3D design software has made it easier to create products, to bring your idea to life, but Adam Mugavero works first as a craftsman – taking exotic and common woods and making one-of-a-kind works of art. Couture pieces, if you will, that individuals will commission him to design and craft. From ebony, purpleheart, and other beautiful woods, Adam will lovingly handcraft a pair of glasses.

Here is where Adam thinks and approaches creating a product differently: He does not start in digital mode. Adam works from the physical to craft a pair of glasses, and becomes intimately comfortable with the angles, the curves, the joints; so that when he feels it is just perfect he can move from tangible to digital and then back again.

When he thinks he has a winner, he’ll laser scan that wooden pair and take it into Autodesk Fusion 360 to further refine and tweak the design. Again, this happens only after he’s satisfied with the look and feel. He then 3D prints the model on a Stratasys Objet printer.

Now, here comes the genius – and I believe he is the first to do this – he will get those plastic prints electro-plated to make them stronger, more unique, and to give them the exact look he wants. He is infusing metal into plastic. This allows him to create a one-of-a-kind product line, a limited run, for a reasonable cost and to introduce it to his followers, fans, and customers.

Pushing the limits of what you can do with 3D printed prototypes; Adam Mugavero is transforming how the eyewear industry creates glasses, from the prototypes to the final product. In the process, he is helping many of us think in new ways about how to create – there are many traditional craftspeople who will appreciate his method of creating the physical model first, then taking it digital. You can see his impressive work on the Adam Mugavero website

This short video tells his story. 

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