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Houston, TX
Come Try The DotProduct DPI-7 Scanner In Houston

By TJ McCueSunday, October 19, 2014
Engineering, Oil & Gas

Engineers are often focused on one goal: Change. That goal has two objectives - to know what is possible, and to draft the ways to make it possible. This is true for engineers across multiple industries and engineers are often out in the field capturing data to try and solve a problem, to meet that "change" mandate or goal. But the problem has sometimes been the method itself – tape measure, limited pictures, and other two dimensional collection tools.

DotProduct believes that the future of 3D models can and will be captured by using off-the-shelf technology, such as tablets and Kinect-like sensors, and custom software based on Android (development kit is coming soon). The DotProduct tablet scanner is named the DPI-7 – it is a self-contained 3D scanner that allows engineers to capture the real world, in all its dimensions.

  • Real-time marker-less camera tracking
  • Full 6-dof, mm-accurate indoor positioning
  • Realtime occlusion maps
  • All processing on tablet - no laptop needed (I love this aspect of it)
  • Automatically convert all your scans into 3D models (through the use of their Phi-3D technology)

We have used this scanner a number of times during the 3DRV trip. When we go into a makerspace or event, people immediately ask if they can test it out and we’ve seen a number of fun results from the “engineers in the field.” On Monday, October 20, in Houston, we’re going to meet a bunch more of those engineers at the Houston Reality Computing meetup. Come out and join us from 4pm to 7pm: RSVP here. DotProduct will be there, for sure! 

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