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New Orleans, LA
Soft Shoulders In Mississippi: Attitude Of Gratitude

By TJ McCueFriday, October 17, 2014
3D, Engineering

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All across America, you see signs about shoulders. Enroute to Louisiana from Alabama, after visiting Rural Studio, we crossed through Mississippi. It was late, dark, and there were no highway shoulders. It was a hair-raising drive, I can tell you. In fact, you will frequently see signs that say “no shoulder” or “soft shoulder” on country roads.

Normally, I don’t think about these signs. You probably do not, either. But when you start driving an 18,000 pound Class A motorhome (thanks Jayco!), and have a mini-SUV in tow putting you around 22,000 pounds, you start to think about these “soft shoulders” in a new way. Well, at least I do because I do not want to test just how “soft” they might be, if you catch my drift (pun intended).

To the point of the post title, I am incredibly grateful for the many civil engineers (and other types of highway experts and workers) who make our roads safe, strong, and durable. With extensive rains in all parts of the USA this year, I know those road shoulders have to be soft enough to swallow the 3DRV. I’m grateful that our highway department and the many standards we have, are met or exceeded by highway construction teams. I’ve met a few of them – and they are using Autocad Civil 3D programs.

I’m grateful this week for all their good work and that our roads rarely collapse and that they carry the weight of trucks, RVs, and other heavy equipment, and our cars and motorcycles, too.

3DRV signing off for the weekend, and staying off, soft shoulders!

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