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Dallas , TX
3D Scanning and 3D Printing with Autodesk and Geek Beat

By TJ McCueFriday, October 17, 2014
Reality Computing

Next week, the 3DRV will roll into Dallas to hang out with the Geek Beat TV team. Over two days, a team from the Autodesk Reality Computing department will head out to Dallas to laser scan (using Faro laser scanners, of course) the Geek House. So, if you are a Geek Beat TV fan and enjoy the work of hosts Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides (and who doesn’t? They have been leading a charge for many years to keep us all well-educated on gadgets and other tech), then you can watch the live stream or join us in person.

Geek Beat TV

You can RSVP here and learn more about the meetup.


The official invite:  "Geek Beat has joined forces with the team over at Autodesk to bring you a fun filled evening of 3D awesomeness! Come in through our Star Trek Transporter, and get your hands and eyes on the latest in 3D scanning and printing technology. Autodesk and their team of 3D experts are coming in from all over the US to laser scan...yes with REAL lasers... the Geek House! They'll create a 3D model of the building so that all our viewers can explore from afar. Come check out the equipment and technology used to do this. Please use #3DRV to tweet and post on Google+ and Facebook from the event...

Here are just some of the companies who will be joining us...

★ Autodesk: Makers of AutoCad software ★ Stratasys: 3D Printing ★ FARO: Laser Scanning ★ 3D Robotics: Drones! ★ Kubit USA: 3D Modeling ★ DotProduct: Handheld Laser Scanners ★ 3D RV: AutoDesk's RV currently on a country-wide tour and more!

Don't forget to follow Geek Beat TV on Twitter. If you want to see the wide range of 3D coverage that Geek Beat has on its site, follow this link to a list of their latest posts and videos on 3D technology.

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