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Atlanta, GA
Reinventing Edison – Build Your Own Lightbulb

By TJ McCueSunday, October 5, 2014
Consumer, Engineering

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After visiting GE earlier in the 3DRV roadtrip, we have spent some time pondering Thomas Edison’s legacy. His boundless energy and enthusiasm for creating, inventing, and making are legendary and many children read about him and are inspired.

Bennett M. Harris, of Harris Educational, wanted to help young minds understand that they could invent, too; that they could be like Edison. He created a kit so that students and hobbyists could recreate the famous experiments of well-known inventors. He called them: "Reinventing Science" and these kits have won many different awards and are well rated by the folks at Make magazine. I met up with Ben at the Atlanta Maker Faire this weekend.

These fun and unique science kits are designed and manufactured by Ben’s company. Experimenters of all ages can use the kits to learn about principles of science, math, engineering, and technology by performing experiments just like the great inventors did. In the process, you also learn about invention and history. Each kit is hand made in the USA and is designed with sound educational principles, best practices, and safety in mind. The kits are designed to be used in schools or in the home by hobbyists and they also make great science fair projects.

Their first kit “Reinventing Edison: Build your own Light Bulb” quickly became a best seller. He then added the Reinventing Morse so that aspiring inventors can experience what life was like before email and texting. I overheard Ben telling a prospective customer that he is also working on a number of other kits including from another legendary inventor: Reinventing Tesla.

Oh, and here's my post about our visit to GE's Global Research Lab: Walking In Edison's Shoes.

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