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Bradenton, FL
Makers To Be At Electa Lee Middle School

By TJ McCueThursday, October 2, 2014
Laser Scanning, Reality Computing

We were in Orlando planning our visit to the University of South Florida in Tampa when we received an email from teacher Bekka Stasny about her school in Bradenton, Florida, an hour south. Since we had to do the long drive up to Atlanta for other pre-planned meets, I respectfully declined the unplanned stop. 

But then I heard about what this teacher is trying to do -- to inspire her students to become makers, to get at least one 3D printer in her classroom, and that she was already playing with 123D Catch trying to figure it all out. In her original message: "I want my students to be inspired to become inventors, artisans, engineers and producers instead of consumers. They need to learn what they can offer the world once they get out of school. I think you can do both of these things (and more!)"

It wasn't her intent, but I could feel my heart being pulled to make a visit. I don't believe that our roadtrip alone will inspire people to become a maker, but I do know that once people learn about the apps, the tools, the technology -- it does transform how one thinks and works (whether in school or in corporate America). So, we made the stop and were completely energized by this wonderful bunch of 350+ 7th graders. We did a fast Faro Laser Scan and showed the results in Autodesk ReCap, too. Lots of fun and great comments after. Thank you for having us visit, Bekka!

Update: 10/17: Bay News 9 gave us permission to share their news interview and video.

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