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Greensboro, NC
Design Within Reach

By TJ McCueMonday, September 15, 2014
3D Design

The 3DRV National Tour has a tagline: Driven by Design. We liked the play on words and the potential that this short phrase evokes – we can be passionate about design, driven to quality and greater efforts by it, or simply inspired. The double entendre of us driving around the USA to explore the state of 3D and how we make things is also present, of course.

While we were eating cupcakes in Washington DC to celebrate my niece’s birthday, we noticed this sign across the street: Design Within Reach. And while I still love our tagline, this sign captured what I’m experiencing when I share about 3D technology – it is accessible, it is available; and what people really like best: It is often FREE (see for a wide range of fun and practical tools for smartphones or computers). Design is within reach for most of us today.

When people talk about the 3D printing revolution, I believe that is what they mean. That you can imagine, create, and design in ways that you could not before. That’s why it is liberating, why it gives you greater freedom in your work or hobbies, why in the buzz-friendly business media, “3D is democratizing.” As we’ve experienced across the nation, once a person wraps his or her head (and sometimes heart) around what’s possible with 3D, they get excited – because design is now within their reach. That’s awesome.

Tactical note: When people start a search for anything design, here is what Google auto-populates in your search window:

Starting a search for "Design" and what you'll see auto-populate: Design within reach.

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