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Washington, DC
Founding Father: Thomas Jefferson – Photo Scanned

By TJ McCueSunday, August 31, 2014
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Wandering around Washington, DC late one night, we found ourselves close to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Like the other monuments within the city, Jefferson sits within a hallowed hall. It is a very large hallowed hall. As the author of the Declaration of Independence, people approach his statue with respect, awe, and silence (even though a small sign asks you to be respectful; it doesn’t seem necessary).

A founding father, Thomas Jefferson’s statue stands over 20 feet tall and, for my intent and purpose, is a bit too tall to scan or photo-scan. So I went downstairs where there are some other exhibit items and found a smaller statue to scan. 

Normally, I have been trying to use a Nikon DSLR to take high quality digital images, as the iPhone and other smartphone cameras are not typically up to the resolution quality. However, on this trip, I only had an iPhone 5S, so I went slowly and carefully around the Thomas Jefferson bust in the exhibit hall. 

I uploaded all the photos to the Autodesk ReCap site and within 30 minutes received an email that my “Thomas Jefferson 3D Model” was ready to be viewed. I've attached a few of the photos from that upload here in the gallery and put together a short video. I'm still working through doing some manual stitching to the image and hope to share the full 3D file, with the ReCap viewer, on the site shortly. The image of the back, nor the top of the head, of Mr. Jefferson did not stitch into the 3D model very well. I think it was because I was much closer and thus created a different point of view that didn't mesh with the rest of the images. Operator error. 

You can learn more about the official National Park Service Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

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