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10+ 3D Printing Resources

By TJ McCueWednesday, July 30, 2014
3D Printing

The 3D printing industry is developing at a cutting-edge rate. Hello. You knew that.

If you rely on standard news sources for your information on 3D scanning, 3D design, and 3D printing, you will find yourself behind when it comes to knowing the latest about this hot topic. So I decided to pause from the #3DRV updates for a moment and share some of the sites that keep me informed about 3D printing. (I’ll share my favorites for scanning, then design, in two future posts.)

Wohlers Associates – Most people involved with 3D printing have heard of Wohlers Associates. The fact is, you can’t go far without reading something from founder Terry Wohlers and senior consultant Tim Caffrey, and that’s a good thing because his work goes deep and wide. I find myself checking the articles page (linked above) on their site to see what latest in-depth news or trend I’ve missed. Don’t miss any, bookmark this site. And if you need to go deeper, get his annual Wohlers Report. I will have a post highlighting some his key findings for 2014, so stay tuned.

3D Printing Industry is devoted to providing its audience with all the latest applications and technological breakthroughs in the 3D printing industry. It also provides you with opinions from those working within the industry to help you make more informed decisions about trends. In addition to articles, you will also find some videos and images across all 3D printing industries. is a combination of news site and forum, so if you have serious tech questions about a particular printer you can probably find the answer here. There are some advertisements to support the content, but that’s life in my opinion. There are videos, stats, and printing basics in addition to the continuous feed of articles that show up as abstracts you can then click through for a more detailed post.

TCT Magazine is one of the oldest 3D printing and additive manufacturing news sources. They provide global coverage of their niche market, and their website is a great resource for the most recent 3D news as well as commentary on the industry. They also offer a print version of their magazine for those who prefer it. They sponsor a live trade show event called the TCT Show. There are images with every article, and there are some posted videos. I get their email newsfeeds and learn something every time I open one.

I’m a big fan of which offers up-to-date 3D printing news in an online magazine style layout. The 3DPrintBoard is an extension of that allows you to interact with other users in a well-arranged forum. In my opinion, the forum is an important part of this website because it allows you to discuss and view problems that other people are having with their 3D print designs and see what other people have designed recently.

Another great source for 3D printing news is 3D Printing for Beginners. This website focuses on providing information for those who are new to 3D printing. However, it also is a valuable resource for anyone involved in 3D printing. Although there is a news feed, the part I like best is their compilation of all the different 3D printing events around the world on their calendar of 3D printing events.

If you have a difficult time choosing which story to read on these busier news sites, is a blog that offers one news story per day. The topics range across many aspects of the 3D printing industry, but tend to focus on new ways 3D printers are being used. Like other sites, you can subscribe to get the week’s stories straight to your inbox. There is also a job forum on the website.

Inside3DP is a relatively new, but energetic online publication. I have written a few posts for these guys and am consistently amazed at how much content they produce. Worth a look. They are taking a fresh approach and providing more than just a rehash of other industry related news by creating original content on a daily basis.

Did I miss one of your favorites? I would love to know what you are reading to keep up with 3d printing. Please share it in the comments or feel free to tweet it to TJ McCue on Twitter.  I may have to update this post before too long!

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