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Toledo, OH
Slideshow: 3DRV Hits Toledo, OH!

By 3DRV StaffMonday, July 28, 2014
3D Printing, Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Laser Scanning, Reality Computing

One of Autodesk’s customers, SSOE in Toledo, OH, was eager to have the 3DRV stop by for a visit. So much so, they wanted to host an event! SSOE employees, local engineers and members of the local BIM User Group, came out to learn more about how reality computing technologies (laser scanning, 3D printing, reality capture and 3D design) can be utilized in a wide variety of industries.

The 3DRV parked in front of @ssoegroup in Toledo for all to see! 
Some 3D printed items from @Stratasys at the Reality Computing event at SSOE in Toledo. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld.
Drone test flight in front of SSOE. Image Courtesy of @DesignWorld
Drone test flight in front of SSOE. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Leslie Landau (@DW_3DPrinting) holding the laser scanner from @FARO_HQ #3DRV. . Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Jennifer Calhoon (WTWH_Jennifer) Getting tatted at the #3DRV event! It was a blast!

#3DPrinting Thank you @autodesk @FARO_HQ

Jennifer Calhoon (@WTWH_Jennifer) Getting tatted at the #3DRV event! It was a blast! #3DPrinting Thank You @autodesk @FARO_HQ  presentation
Joshua Jones (@WTWH_Josh) Great #3Dprinting presentation. My favorite part was a demo of this laser scanner by @FARO_HQ. #3DRV
Leslie Langnau (@DW_3DPrinting) interwiews @FARO_HQ about their laser scanner! #3DPrinting #3DRV. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
"I learned lots at #3DRV! Scanning, apps, drones, #3DPrinting... Thanks @autodesk @ssoegroup @FISHERUNITECH @FARO_HQ!" Image courtesy of Joshua Jones @WTWH_Josh
Aaron Morris of @Autodesk gets more drone flying practice time during the MeetUp at SSOE. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Stacy Combest (@WTWH_Stacy) rocks her #3DRV tat! Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Leslie Langnau (@DW_3DPrinting) talks with a representative from Fisher Unitech about how 3D printing is for everyone! #3DRV. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
SSOE employee Aimee Lawrence (@AimeeLaw13) was one of the first to take a #3DRV selfie at the event! "Saw the #3DRV at work today!"
Leslie Langnau (@DW_3DPrinting) interviews Aaron Morris from @autodesk and TJ McCue (@TJMcCue) of #3DRV! Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
LLC_Collier (@LLC_Collier), a local Toledoan gets creative with her #3DRV selfie and edit it with #Pixlr
Jennifer Calhoon (@WTWH_Jennifer) was excited to see her first drone in person! "Got to see my first drone in action at @3DRV #DroneSelfie #SelfieMonday. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld  
"We're getting a first hand look at all things 3D Printing #3DRV @WTWH_Media" Image courtesy of @FluidPowerWorld
Another day at work #3DRV selfie #Toledo. Image courtesy of @Stacy_ComBEST
Leslie Langnau couldn't miss a photo op with the #3DRV. Great day at the #3DRV tour. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Stacy Combest (WTWH_Stacy) is "Super excited for the #3DRV tour"
The 3DRV looks even more impressive in person! Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Thank you to SSOE Group for hosting the event! Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Leslie Langnau holding the Focus3D X Series Laser Scanner from FARO Technologies. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Leslie Langnau interviews Mark LaBell from SSOE Group, host of the event. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Invisalign braces are created with 3D Printed molds! Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Before and After: The "before" block was printed in while so you could see the water-soluble parts. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Table of fun from Stratasys how many parts can you name? Image courtesy of @DesignWorld.
Lunchtime! Image courtesy of @DesignWorld 
Aaron Morris of Autodesk test flying a drone during lunch. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Jen Calhoon and Nilcole Loepp wait for the tasty BBQ. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Carlie and Leslie point out the #3DRV!!! Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Leslie gets a lesson in flying drones from Aaron. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
This laser scanner from FARO is one of their most compact scanners. Image courtesy of @DesignWorld
Image courtesy of @DesignWorld

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