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Troy, MI
Detroit Meetup Teaches Fine Points Of Laser Scanning

By TJ McCueFriday, July 18, 2014
3D, Laser Scanning, Reality Computing, Scanning

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All of our stops and visits for 3DRV have something cool about them – this one in Detroit, in Troy actually, was filled with an abundance of enthusiasm and energy from the local community. That happened because of Chad Studer, who owns ADSK Solutions, who hosted a meetup for us this week.

Chad wanted to thank his customers and share some of the newest technology and innovation with them. He put together a half-day free seminar followed by an informal meetup. Every step of the day was packed with educational information. I didn’t have to attend the entire seminar, but I found myself learning so much that I did not want to leave. Hats off to Chad and team. They know how to share and teach. Everyone left with ideas on how scanning technology could improve their business in some way. 

In addition to education, there was some great food! Plus, Chad arranged for one of his vendors, The Spicer Group, to do a high end mobile scan of the 3DRV, which you can see in the slide show. Spicer Group tells me they were the first to bring this technology into the USA and has subsequently traveled all over the USA. The scanning rig can mount on almost any car rack, so they don’t have to drive that truck everywhere. It runs close to a million dollars, so it is a better idea to just call Spicer if you need a road or bridge or big item scanned. Nathan was kind enough to scan the RV and share the scan.

Aaron Morris gave me some more pointers on Drone flying the DJI Phantom as you see here.

Normally, when I ask the groups we meet how many people have used a scanner – only a few hands go up. So, I don’t know if Detroit skews off the chart for technology adopters or if Chad’s customers are all surveyors and engineers – I think it is both. Either way, we have been warmly welcomed into the Detroit area.

Now, we’re planning to take this scan and maybe some of our additional Faro scans and turn them into a 3D printable model. 

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