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San Rafael, CA
Eye Candy From Legacy Effects - Hollywood

By TJ McCueSunday, July 13, 2014
3D Design

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I visited Legacy Effects before the trip officially started, but that didn't make it any less fascinating, any less exciting. Jason Lopes, Lead Systems Engineer, graciously shared some time with me despite an intense production schedule to talk about 3D printing, 3D scanning, and unique projects he's worked on.

As you can see in the photos, Legacy Effects has built, well, an impressive legacy. Think of a cool movie where you try to figure out how they made a particular costume or character and Legacy has probably been involved. If you head to their main website,, you can get a glimpse of the range of creations. Many of them are 3D printed, in house, piece by piece and then assembled into the large results you see here.

In a couple of video segments, Jason tells me how they made the decision to add a 3D printer in-house. He also shares about one of the most intricate and unusual projects he's worked on. Not in the videos, but during our time together, he explains something that made a big impact on me and on what I'm finding throughout the USA -- that there are unexpected improvements that take place for just about any company that adds 3D technology into their workflow.

Short one on why they added 3D printer.

Next video about one of Jason's favorite projects:

In essence, Jason helped me to understand that all aspects of having a printer in your shop, gives you the chance to rethink how you work. The printing is part of it, but 3D modeling, reverse engineering a part, and the actual printing of parts, jigs, and fixtures can help you in other aspects of design as well as in the actual manufacture of products. Jason shared that having the 3D printer in their office, even though they likely still have to send stuff out to service bureaus from time to time, has changed the way they think about creating and producing for Hollywood movies, and also how they approach design as a company.

Finally, here is an in-depth video that Legacy Effects produced on its own that explains more of how they transitioned to 3D printing.

In fact, if you are into special effects, you should subscribe to the Legacy Effects YouTube channel and if you want to keep up with 3D printing in Hollywood, follow Jason Lopes on Twitter.

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