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Ft. Collins, CO
​Test, Test, and Test Those Laptops And Workstations: HP Fort Collins

By TJ McCueTuesday, July 8, 2014
3D Design, STEM

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Power and speed – that’s what I wanted in the machines that HP agreed to loan to us for 3DRV. Isn’t that what everyone wants from a computer? Have you ever heard anyone say they needed a slower machine?

Well, I can honestly say that HP over-delivered with the two machines they sent us! I didn’t have to create a post about their gear, but I have found myself wowed by the power and speed. We are crunching a fair number of big files, data intense files, and video/photo files. I have several other slower (non HP) machines in my home office and temporarily housed at family locations and I am truly grateful, for my own selfish needs, that we have an HP laptop (loaded for bear, as the saying goes and clearly a mixed metaphor) and a Z1 workstation, both loaded with fast, fast, fast Nvidia graphics cards (Quadro K2100M for the ZBook 15 and Quadro K4100M (4 GB) for the Z1). Can you say smokin’ fast?

I use the laptop the most, given our mobile life. And I run all the Autodesk products on it – from Inventor to ReCap. I run multiple videos through editing to final rendering and I have not had a machine as sweet as this ZBook. Seriously. I thought I would have to add more RAM to manage all the data crunching, but not so with these machines. The only downside is it is a loaner!  I did try to build a backpack strap system onto the workstation, but it didn't work out. Just kidding, Sean!

In late April, Sean Young, Worldwide Segment Manager, for HP Commercial Solutions Business in Fort Collins hosted me for an informal visit. We’ll make another stop, more formal, toward the end of the roadtrip, but Sean took me on a fast tour with his two sons in tow on a sunny Sunday afternoon in April. These are "pre-wrap" photos, no less. Sean and his team were in on this roadtrip early!! NOTE: Our platform is pre-populated with our planned visits/stops, so it shows the November visit for the date, but this visit was in late April of this year. 

So, power and speed – all that is critically important, but what I didn’t realize is that there is a ton of testing, at all levels, to get a machine out the door to you or to me. Non-tech type testing. The part of the facility I’m interested to see in motion is the drop testing part of the lab! I could only peek in the windows and no photos (yet) to see how they make sure that the unit is able to handle what you’ll do to it, but also what UPS or FedEx might do to it (inadvertently, of course). If you take a peek at this marketing video from HP, you’ll see a bit of what I’m talking about.

The second area I hope to visit is their model shop where they mockup new product and components. I’m sure there’s a 3D process involved!

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