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Chicago, IL
Pumping Station One: Take 2

By TJ McCueTuesday, July 8, 2014
3D Design, Laser Scanning, Reality Computing

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Last week, I made a quick visit to Pumping Station One in Chicago. But we had enough interest, thanks to Bart Dring from Inventables, to make a second trip. Wow! Well worth the drive and effort to hang out with this energetic group of makers, inventors, and educators.

Thanks to the FARO Laser Scanner and fast processing HP laptop, we scanned the interior of the workshop and processed it via Autodesk ReCap in record time. I am finishing a screen capture of the night before handing over the 3D scans and files to Bart for his use with the PS1 gang.

Some highlights:

  • We scanned the ShopBot that they recently purchased and are leveling. One of the members wanted to know if we could check how true their alignment is, so we scanned it for them to have the file. Why am I only in socks? Proper respect for all tools, of course. 
  • Talked to Elizabeth “Liz” Koprucki who is heavily involved in training young Chicago makers through PS1 and the Chicago Public Library. She teaches Tinkercad, among other apps/software, as well as teaching on hardware like the ShapeOKO (from Inventables). She blogs at Rampant Creative.
  • Met Ray Doeksen who just launched a new, super cool metal chair (yes, chairs are super cool) via Kickstarter. If you’re interested in it, take a look at their campaign here.

All in all, it is easy to see why this Chicago community of makers and artisans is growing like crazy. They not only re-invest their membership fees into new equipment (ShopBot) but their members stay active in places outside of the facility, too, which can only help to further spread the word. 

In both my visits, I learned something or got help with a tech problem I was facing, just by hanging out with the maker mindset. I just wish I had room in the 3DRV for one of the Shapeoko 3D Carving machines! Too cool. If you're in Chicago, go visit the makerspace at one of the open nights -- what they call: N00bs’ Paradise orientation event – on the fourth Sunday of each month at 4-6pm. See the events page for details.

Thanks again, Bart, and thanks Pumping Station One!

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