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Chicago, IL
Making On The Fourth Of July In Chicago

By TJ McCueFriday, July 4, 2014
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Spent some time at the famous Pumping Station: One last night (July 3rd) in Chicago. Thanks to Bart Dring for inviting me. Pretty cool spot for one of the biggest, if not the biggest, makerspace in the USA. They have a lot of the tools -- from woodshop to cold and hot metal shops, to electronics, sewing, and more.

This space is a member-based one, as most of them are, but cities and area technology companies can encourage and support them. I like seeing what some of the libraries have done. Chicago Public Library offers a great example -- here's the blog. We were not able to figure out a visit with the library (my fault, not theirs), but we're big fans of what they are doing!

At PS1, a few of us hung out, laser scanned the outside just for fun -- from just one position, and captured the Dr. Who TARDIS they built on the roof. Calling all Doctor Who fans in Chicago!! ‪#‎3DRV (twitter feed) visiting again on Monday night, July 7, to hang. Plus, #3DRV is part of a more "formal" Reality Computing meetup at The Keith House on Tuesday night at 6 pm (formal isn't exactly the right word, but signup is requested). 

Laser scan w FARO. TARDIS fuzzy in background.

Check out the cool CNC mill that Bart built in 3 months using a Bridgeport mill for much of the elegant housing. Jeff Tiedeken from Monkey Likes Shiny (3DRV post) would enjoy hanging out with Bart, I’m sure!

That’s a little ninja carved in wood from Bart’s new mill that he calls the “bridgie” because he made a good portion of it on his Bridgeport mill. He built the hardware and wrote the software for it. Bart is the As I travel the country, there is no way we can say that the USA has lost its innovation chops. No way.

Guys like Bart show that we’re in no danger. There may be some hype surrounding various government reports, but we are a nation of powerbuilders, hackers and makers. I’m especially proud on this Fourth of July to be American and to be hanging out in Chicago and to get a couple of chances to visit the inventive people at Pumping Station: One.

Happy Fourth of July!! Stay safe. Thanks for reading!

Update 6JUL: Here is the color laser scan we did -- as a screencast sort of walkthrough...

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