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Portland, OR
Portland ADX – What A Thinker And Maker Space

By TJ McCueTuesday, May 27, 2014
3D, Design, Reality Computing, Scanning

Instructions serve a useful purpose – in the case of ADX Portland, it keeps you from burning down the shop. I love signs like these for their humor and memory jogs. If it wasn’t for years of marital coaching, our house likely would have one of these signs.

We probably need to create another sign to post somewhere – Portland Makers Rock!! Last night, we held a meet-up, I mean a MEETUP at ADX Portland and it, in my humble opinion, was a stellar event. Plenty of food, drink, and as the ADX tagline implies, plenty of thinking.

The meetup focused on discussing “reality computing” and how new tools are making it possible for inventors, designers, creators, makers, and entrepreneurs to scan and digitize real-world objects and manipulate them in 3D software. There were tons of questions for Dominique Pouliquen (Autodesk Reality Computing) and Matt from Stratasys around 3D Printers and printing. We’ll be doing more meetups, in other cities, so keep in touch via this site and my Twitter feed with #3DRV included.

Most amazing for me, but not surprising, was the help. For example, I have a quadcopter/drone/UAV from 3D Robotics to use, but it needs the gimbal so that I can attach the powerful GoPro camera to it. I haven’t had a moment yet to do that. Brad Yeomans kindly offered to help me get that working. He generously spent a good portion of his evening tinkering with it for me and successfully installed it. Not hard for him, but with my mental bandwidth, it is one of those "random acts of kindness" that takes an enormous weight off my shoulders. Thank you, Brad!

Brad represents the spirit of America to me, the spirit of making, to me. I’m not trying to embarrass him – there were plenty of other helpful and kind people in ADX last night. We talked a little about this in our time at ADX – the 3DRV roadtrip is about the people, about the minds and hearts that are designing and making America and the world a truly better place. We don’t need a sign for that, but the one I would make after my visit? ADX Rocks! Portland, too.

Maker UP: Brad is on the Drone Challenge team creating an anti-poaching drone. A fixed wing creation that you see pictured below.

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