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Tualatin, OR
Jayco RV - Driving in 3D

By TJ McCueMonday, May 26, 2014
3D, Design, Manufacturing

Jayco is a family run business that makes recreational vehicles, RVs, as most people call them. As one of the oldest running RV companies, we feel pretty fortunate to have them supporting our #3DRV team. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Jayco welcomed us into the “family” and got us up and running with a brand new 2014 Precept 31UL, a Class A Motorhome for this 8-month roadtrip.

I sat down with Phillip Geise, VP Corporate Engineering, and his team as they explained how the 3D design process has helped them interface with their partners/vendors in all the usual ways – faster design iterations, economic savings, and more accurate production work, to name just a few. They use Autodesk Product Design Suite and specifically Inventor as well as Vault Data Management.

But the bigger gains definitely came from the people on the team – their excitement and passion for testing out new ways to make things, from 3D printers to regular old shop tools. They took me to visit Tom, the resident 3D printing expert, who regularly mocks up parts or concepts to help a vendor or an internal team member. We heard lots of agreement on the team that a bigger and better 3D printer is in the future for Jayco.

In early summer, the 3DRV team will be passing through Middlebury, Indiana again and we’re definitely planning on a more detailed visit after the company shares some of its newest designs and concepts at its annual trade show.

As a quick aside, I didn't get a chance to ask, but I’m sure the 3D design process helps Jayco create their exclusive "JRide" ride and handling package – in layman’s terms – it makes for a smoother ride.

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