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A road trip like no other

Everyone has a story to tell. And we are traveling across America to share them with the world.

100+ scheduled stops. 8 months. 1 writer. A million stories.
Welcome to the Autodesk 3DRV road tour.

Led by TJ McCue, host, writer, and 3D enthusiast, the 3DRV tour is exploring the cities, towns and off-the-path byways to uncover a fundamental change in the way things are designed and made, and how this is bringing radical change to business and to society at large.

At each waypoint, we are celebrating the creative process, while illuminating the impact of design through firsthand customer stories, consumer creativity and student innovations. We hope you join us on this journey, meet up with the RV when we're in your area, or even suggest a stopover for us. See you soon.

Follow along on this epic undertaking:

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Meet TJ McCue: writer, maker, 3D enthusiast

TJ is an entrepreneur at heart. He has started several companies and is passionate about the people who create, design, and invent. His goal in the 3DRV tour is to get a pulse on how the future of making things is changing by seeking out inspired, creative individuals and companies across America. Through these encounters he hopes to discover the future of industry.

TJ writes for Forbes, Small Business Trends, Yahoo! SMB, and Harvard Business Review. His company, Refine Digital, is a marketing lab and think tank that explores the way 3D printing, scanning and design is changing the economy.


See our full route

Refine Digital helps companies with their go-to-market strategies, content marketing, and business development. TJ will be sharing some of his observations on the Refine Digital blog throughout this road trip. You can also find him on Google+ and follow his work on Twitter.


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